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Automate your business by using campaigns!

Campaigns are most typically used to either automate checklists that you use in the normal course of your business and/or to automate your drip marketing efforts. Regardless of how you use campaigns they are a way to make sure that critical activities do not get forgotten!

Some of the features of the Active Agent Campaigns:

  • Create a new campaign or clone an existing campaign
  • Pre-loaded Campaigns- 7 Year "touch" and 12 Direct campaign
  • Campaign/Letter Manager - Manage campaigns from a single interface or print/manage all scheduled letters
  • Apply Campaign from Contact - Add a new contact and want to add them to an existing campaign or apply a new campaign; do it all from the contact record.
  • Find all Applied Campaigns - Find any campaign that has already been applied to a contact.

Campaign List

(Note: REMS 7 Year and 12 Direct come with AAO - however, you can create any number of other campaigns)


Campaign Manager


Letter Manager


Campaign Form


Apply a Campaign


Apply a Campaign from a Contact


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