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WebMail2Contact Version 2.0

Automatically process new leads that come from your website and create contact, kick off workflows and provide SMS and email notifications.
Manufacturer: Sonoma Enterprises

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WebMail2Contact will do the following:

  • Allow you to create any number of filters to process leads that come in from a website, designating unique mapping criteria, processing folders, notification options and workflow options for each profile,
  • Create Email templates that are used in WM2C work flows – supporting the merging of the basic contact info into the email to permit personalization,
  • Create work flows to be kicked off when leads arrive – these work flows can consist of any number and combination of emails, appointments and tasks and can schedule tasks for any number of days from the date the lead arrives,
  • Send SMS notification when a lead arrives,
  • Send email notification when a lead arrives,
  • Manage the queued and pending workflow emails,
  • Set up the workflow emails to be sent automatically at a paced rate not to upset the ISP, or require your approval to be sent,
  • Check for duplicate contacts when a new lead is created.  If duplicates are found they are linked to the newly created lead,
  • Search your Outlook folders and flag duplicates,
  • Create Contacts using any custom contact form installed on your machine,
  • Clone Profiles,
  • Select Default address types (home, business, other) ,
  • Provide access to all the Outlook Contact fields to map data


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