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WebMail2Contact Version 2.0 Coming Soon

Monday, December 26, 2016

New features:

  • Ability to create email templates that merge name and email
  • Assign the newly created contact to a category
  • Define and launch a work-flow (aka campaign/action plan) based upon the filter for the email. The plan can contain appts, tasks and emails (created in #1 above and can be set to send automatically or prompt before sending).
  • Once an email that matches the filter arrives it is:
      -  Parsed and an email is created.
      -  The workflow definition is taken and the corresponding activities are created.
  • The engine will check on a regular basis (running ever minute in testing) new emails that have been created based upon the inbound email and will send the next email.  Emails will be staged to be sent every minute or two to avoid the spam police.  If emails are due that are flagged to not be sent automatically they will be presented in a (Outlook reminder style) list and can be approved or cancelled.  If approved they go into the queue to be sent.
  • Logic to check all contact lists for possible duplicates and email you a notice that a duplicate contact/request was received.  The contact is created with links to the duplicates
  • SMS and email notification of new web requests
  • Ability to deactivate profiles
  • Ability to clone profiles
  • Generate a duplicate contact report – scans your contact folders and finds contacts that are duplicates.